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We all love to wonder the forests, some like to take off on their own hikes and others like to stick to a well known trail system.

I have done both, and the one thing that concerns me the most is meeting up with wildlife. A can of pepper spray should be part of your hiking gear and could be a life saver if it becomes necessary to protect yourself. There are some standard things you should adhere to such as


1. You should never turn your back on them, they may not see you but they will still catch your scent if the wind is in the right direction.

2. Back up and put distance between it and you.

3. Don’t run. If it continues to come near you, have your pepper spray ready.

Bears are more active in the early morning and evening hours.


  1. Cats are curious and do not like to be cornered, so make sure you leave an option for it to escape.
  2. Pick up your children if they are with you, small children are perceived as pray because of their movements- usually erratic or rapid movement.
  3. Make yourself look bigger then you are by putting your arms above your head.
  4. Don’t crouch or try to run and/or hide.
  5. Have your pepper spray ready if it becomes necessary

This site is very informative and does offer some training if you spend much time in the bush

Enjoy the natural beauty but also be aware of the abundance of wildlife and be safe, educate yourself in all aspects of wildlife encounters.